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and you know i wouldn't say i hate you, if it wasn't true..

i don't suck at it! it sucks! and you suck!

31 March 1990
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1920's-40's, 331, adobe, alex cabot, american beauty, animals, ashley olsen, autumn, away messages, ballet, bcbg, beach boys, beauty and the beast, being cold, best friends, big cities, bob saget, brady bunch, broadway, calico retreat, cameras, catholicism, cereal, chinese food, christian dior, chuck e cheese, cloudy skies, conan o'brien, cordano, courtney kupets, cute people, czj, dance, dandy, daniel radcliffe, disney channel, dreaming, driving, earrings, elizabeth, ellivia, er, eurotrip, family guy, figure skating, forrest gump, fossil, frappaccinos, freedom, fridays, friends, gilmore girls, golden girls, good days, gossip, green, gymnastics, hannah montana, hanson, happiness, hey arnold, hollister, hoodies, huntsville, ice cream, independence, inside jokes, ipods, josh hartnett, joshua radin, keanu reeves, kitson, kristin chenoweth, laughing, lazy sunday, libertarians, lipgloss, liquid ice, lizzie, logic puzzles, long eyelashes, long hair, love, lyrics, makin' money, making people laugh, manolo blahnik, marilyn monroe, mariska hargitay, matilda, memories, movies, musical theatre, musicals, new england patriots, new york city, nicknames, old men, pearl harbor, peter pan, pictures, pink pigs, power, presents, quotes, rain, ralph fiennes, rascal flatts, reading, rent, sad songs, sand, scrubs, serving, sex and the city, shopping, singing, sister sister, skinnyness, smiling, snow days, speed, starbucks, stars, starting line, staying up late, sudoku, sunkist, svu, talking, that 70s show, tivo, tom brady, tom hanks, tony bennett, trans-siberian orchestra, treehouses, us weekly, victorias secret, volleyball, walk the line, wallingford, weekends, wicked, wild thornberries, wine, winter, wishing on stars, wizard of oz, working out